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      Chewable Vitamins

GBG Chewable Vitamins are an all natural
high quality chewable multivitamin that
has 10 healthy formulas in one bottle.

This exclusive vitamin supplement GBG
10-IN-ONE is formulated for fast absoption
and brings the best chewable vitamins to
the next level by promoting better health
with quality ingredients.



Choose GBG Vitamins to create and maintain
optimal health and because we don't use
ingredients such as
fillers, lubricants,
excipients or artificial colors.


            Adults Love the GBG Chewable Vitamins as They Are so Convenient

When you are looking to meet your daily vitamin needs chewable vitamins are the perfect choice. In October of 2014 GBG's 10-in-One Vitamin, Mineral & Superfruit Formula was reformulated in order to provide a better quality product for our customers. The decision was made to remove some things that didn't need to be included in the formula and some other ingredients were added to make it more superior. 

  • Artificial sweeteners, controversial food additives, were removed from the new and improved 10-in-One formula. Instead, our product is now sweetened with Xylitol and Stevia. Xylitol has zero-calories per serviing and is kown to benefit oral health and
    can be found in many fruits and vegetables. 

  • Vitamin A is now provided from both Beta Carotene and Palmitate. Because individuals have differing needs for Vitamin A, having a dual source in the formula provides different benefits based on individual needs. 

  • Magnesium is essential for blood sugar regulation as well as blood pressure. We added Magnesium aspartate as our source of Magnesium since it is more bioavailable, or readily absorbed by the body.

  • The Theanine used in GBG's 10-in-One is sourced from Suntheanine®, which is naturally sourced as opposed to other synthetic Theanine on the market. 

  • The tablet size was reduced to be easier and softer to chew, speeding up the absorption process in your body.

There is a New ERA and GBG is now Novus Era

Yes I can order you the same 10-In-One Vitamins that used to branded with GBG. However GBG was bought out and now the 10-In-One Vitamins are branded with Novus Era.
Call Michael Thompson to order and to get more info.  (657-215-1264)


 The Best Chewable Vitamins To Take On a Daily Basis

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With 10 powerful formulas in ONE great product, 10-IN-ONE provides the necessary nutrients your body needs. Our chewable vitamins have 110 nutrients, 67 trace minerals, and powerful antioxidant blend. GBG Chewable Vitamins also include the all important Vitamin D3.

The 10-IN-ONETM GBG Chewable Vitamins and Mineral Preparation has many additional nutritional supplements, including the advantage of Anti Aging Nutrients and Super Antioxidant Fruits.  Each Bottle has 60 count, a one months supply for adults and two months supply for Kids. The video below will give you all the info you need to make an informed decision about GBG's high quality chewable vitamins.  Be sure to view our chewable vitamin video so that you can see just how powerful and nutritious our product is.

10-In-One Customers are raving about this chewable vitamin formula on how it makes them feel great.
GBG Chewables
include resveratrol - the Anti-Aging
GBG Chewables include Probiotics

GBG Chewables include Green Tea.  
GBG Chewables include Vitamin D3
GBG Chewables include Goji Berry
GBG Chewables include Mangosteen
GBG Chewables include Acai Fruit

Physicians Product Review & Guide - Chewable Vitamins by GBG

The GBG Chewable Formula is designed for superior taste, maximum absorption and more complete assimilation by the body's cells. 

Our Body-Ready Formula will give You Fast, More Assured Health Benefits

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To get more information and to buy 10-in-One chewable Vitamins, our healthy, high quality supplements give Michael Thompson a call. ph.657-215-1264

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